Contact Your Legislators:

It is imperative that we hold our Senators and House members to task.  If we can flood their phones with our views, it may take some time with republican elected officials, but they’ll eventually discover not all of their constituents agree with their point of view.

Not only is this important at the Federal level, but we can take the same approach at the

State & Local levels.

We have provided links to all of our elected officials at the local, state and federal level.  It is suggested that you write yourself a script in order to be short and concise. Stick to one (preferably) topic, know your facts and always be polite to the staffers answering the phones.   


Aiken City Council

Aiken County Council


SC Senator Tom Young - Dist 24

SC Senator Nikki Setzler - Dist 26

SC Senator Shane Massey - Dist 25

SC Rep Bill Clyburn- Dist 82

SC Rep Bart Blackwell - Dist 81

SC Rep Bill Hixon - Dist 83

SC Rep. Bill Taylor - Dist 86


Sen. Lindsey Graham: (202) 224-5972, (803) 933-0112 ; Other parts of SC if those #’s are busy:

(864) 250-1417, (843) 669-1505, (843) 849-3887, (803) 366-2828, (864) 646-4090

Sen. Tim Scott: (202) 224-6121, (803) 771-6112 ; Other parts of SC if those #’s are busy:

(864) 233-5366, (843) 727-4525

Rep. Joe Wilson: (202) 225-2452,  (803) 642-6416, (803) 939-0041

Or visit local offices

Graham: 508 Hampton Street, Suite 202
Columbia, SC 29201

Scott: 1301 Gervais Street, Suite 825
Columbia, SC 29201

Wilson: 1930 University Parkway, Suite 1600
Aiken, SC 29801