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Aiken County Democratic Party Chairman's Message
 Recent events in Charlottesville have renewed interest in removing Confederate statues in South Carolina.  Rep. Bill Taylor wants to hide behind the Heritage Act that protects the statues that pay homage to these men who committed treason against the United States of America.

Clemson and Winthrop Universities have buildings named for “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, a former S. C. governor and U.S. senator who was a member of an all-white, post-Civil War militia responsible for lynching African-Americans.

One of the six monuments on the State house grounds is a statue honoring Marion Sims, “the father of modern gynecology.”  Sims made his discoveries by torturing female slaves without anesthesia.  His experimental surgeries without anesthesia on enslaved African-American women who could not consent have been described as an example of racism in the medical profession.  This sheds a light on the historically violent oppression of blacks.

 I would like to know if, when Rep. Taylor writes that the roots of heritage run deep and must be protected from the small minority of ‘The Offended’ who seem to get all the attention and would gladly erase history than learn from it, if he is referring to the sons and daughters of slaves.  That small minority of South Carolinians number 1,290,684 persons and represent 27.9% of the state’s population.

Bill Taylor’s writings make me think that he would like to return to the pre-Civil War Antibellum way of ‘southern’ life.  Read what he wrote for yourself and make up your own mind.
 Let Bill Taylor know what you think about heritage.

Harold A. Crawford, Jr.
Aiken County Democratic Party
From Rep. Taylor’s newsletter: Confederate Monuments
 Here we go again. The call to remove Confederate monuments in South Carolina has been made by state Rep. John King (D-York) who chairs the Black Caucus in the S.C. House of Representatives. It came in the wake of the violent protests against the removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. As we all witnessed, quickly, the 'Lame-Brain-National-Media-Propaganda-Machine' took to the airwaves and in print fanning the flames of a small minority who seem to be offended by anything connected to Southern heritage. Weak willed politicians are already caving in.

While other states are fighting over the removal of monuments and the movement to erase history they don't like, I don't anticipate those changes in South Carolina. The Heritage Act protects Confederate monuments across the state and requires a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly for them to be removed or changed.
 Admittedly, the Heritage Act was altered two years ago when the Battle Flag was removed from the front of the Capitol following the senseless killing of nine people at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston. And, yes, another horrific event could catapult the issue to the forefront, but short of that, there is little appetite by most legislators to alter the Heritage Act.
 In South Carolina, the roots of heritage run deep and must be protected from the small minority of 'The Offended' who seem to get all the attention and would gladly erase history rather than learn from it.
 For my part, as I did in the 2015 vote, I will stand on the side that respects our heritage. At that time, it was clear the Battle Flag in front of the Statehouse was coming down. I was part of the legislative effort to find a suitable replacement flag to honor our heritage. We did not succeed. In any further attempts to eradicate history, I will stand against those efforts.


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