We meet to foster active interest in the local, state and national Democratic Party, to support campaigns, educate and to engage in grassroots activism.

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Democratic Party Values for America’s Working Families

 ·       Healthcare for All – Working for a single payer system, protecting women’s reproductive health choices, access to contraception, and advocating for comprehensive health and sex education.

 ·       Tuition-free Education – Pre-K through post-Secondary including free vocational training and public four year college.

 ·       Power to the Voters – End gerrymandering, supporting publically funded elections to promote higher candidate participation

 ·       Paid Family Leave – fully funded family and medical leave, paid sick leave, and 12 weeks paid maternity/paternity leave.

 ·       Equality for All – regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

 ·       Environmental Protection – fight climate change, protect natural resources, increase renewable energy.




Monthly Meetings

Who We Are

The North Augusta Democratic Club will be donating socks and underwear in the upcoming school year for kindergarten through middle school for the following schools:

Belvedere Elementary
Mossy Creek Elementary
North Augusta Elementary & Middle School

 Please drop off your donations of socks and underwear or cash donation in order to buy those items at our Aiken County Democratic Party office at 410 Richland Ave West, Aiken on Thursdays from noon to 4 pm.  Or mail a check to: North Augusta Democratic Club, PO Box 445, Clearwater, SC  29822​​​


Aiken County Democratic Party meets at 7pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month at Odell Weeks Recreation Center Room One.

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