Our office located at 410 Richland Ave West, Aiken

We are open on Saturdays from noon to 4 pm. Come by and visit with us. Please park on Pendleton or Greenville St.  No parking in the Auto Zone lot.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join us Saturday, May 28 in the Aiken Memorial Day Parade. Our place in line is on Orangeburg St.

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Early (no excuses) voting begins Tuesday, May 31 at the Aiken County Registration & Election office, 1930 University Parkway, Suite 1200, Aiken.  Early voting will run Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm until  June 13.

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Monthly Meetings

 We meet to foster active interest in the local, state and national Democratic Party, to support campaigns, educate and to engage in grassroots activism.

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